BabelDisc: Linux for technophobes?

A latest Linux distribution is planning an user-friendly and its beta testing was done.U.K. Internet pioneer’s brainchild BabelDisc, Peter Dawe founder of Pipex an lightweight Ubuntu based distribution executes from CD and this does not need to have a host PC connected to hard drive but a subscriber based hosted server is needed. Dawe reported that BabelDisc befitted for different range of users including technophobes, this I designed for some users who wants to switch it on and it views as same. Many people are alarmed of computing due to its uncertainty and weaken their beliefs.

Dawe said that BabelDisc is aiming for 60% of people who are not happy in using the computers and the rest 40% can find the some attractiveness as they are impatient, as do not find any support from the Microsoft engineers. BabelDisc has variety of open-source applications that are preinstalled with the disc., the features included Firefox, OpenOffice, Sylpheed, F-Spot, Xine, Gaim.Sylpheed is used for e-mailing, F-Spot is used for seeing photos, and Xine is used for audio (music) and video, whereas Gaim offers instant messaging service. At the booting phase all these applications are upgraded automatically and executed.

Dawe also reported that other applications cannot be added here and some of the features have been deleted from the disc as the users of BabelDisc have not been given the root access as its been made an foolproof from any misusing the disc. In an enterprise environment, this distribution is useful for large user base as all the staff uses the Web and intranet applications along with the word processing, e-mails and instant messaging services. The BabelDisc service can be used in an old PC by inserting the disc and the features and applications can be instantly used. An useful feature of this disc is that one can use Linux on any Windows installations without installing Linux onto hard disk as the normal procedure.

BabelDisc is designed in such a way that Linux need not be installed on hard disk but it can read the contents from hard disk and the files can be imported into BabelDisc environment. Dawe has said that the environment for the BabelDisc is been stored and hosted in data centers using Rackspace and this step is core for the business plan. The cost incurring for users for each month using BabelDisc is $1 per gigabyte. An USB version of BabelDisc is also underway and according to Dawe USB version is as safe and secure as CD-based version as virus protection is installed. BabelBooster software is used on USB hard drive to make PCs CD drive access fast start-up and increase its performance.