HP selects processor from Via for China PC

HP(Hewlett-Packard) has released an high energy efficient PC in China. The processor used in this PC is HP Compaq dx2020 desktop uses the C7-D processor. C7-D processor is a make from Via Technologies, a Taiwanese company that mostly manufactures chipsets. Via technologies has good market share and value for its processors and it sells chips to small companies. Commercial customers are the main target for using this new released PC and Via Technologies have bought up new features to HP Compaq dx2020 features are DDR2 memory, SATA hard drive and USB 2.0 ports, along with Via’s UniChrome Pro II integrated graphic processor that support multimedia.

This processor uses 20watts of electric power proportionately less for an desktop chip. There is more purchase of high energy-efficient servers and desktops by the IT managers to control the electric power consumption. In China, reducing energy consumption is a severe issue as the electric generation is done through coal-burning process and this a big pollution problem. The company can spy on the Chinese credentials. Though Via Technologies is based in Taiwan, Via is working with PC manufactures from main China. Though Via Technologies is based in Taiwan, Via is working with PC manufactures from main China and the PC’s have its chips that are being sold as “Chinese heart”.

Via Technology sells chips the processors for lesser price than Intel, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) competitors. In the commercial desktops HP was one with multinational brand name to get the AMD chips. The deal between Via and HP is not the first deal between Via and brand name computer manufacturer, Via has also got deals from Samsung Electronics for chips used in portable computers. The HP computers have up to 1GB of memory along with 1.5GHz Via processor. Incidental this deal can be treated as Via’s second deal with HP, as way back in 1997, Compaq delivered the first sub $1,000 computer, a chip from Cyrix. The PC has set an inclination among other major computer makers to deliver low cost PCs.

National Semiconductor has acquired Cyrix in an uttermost hopeless bid to get Intel. Via later got some of the Cyrix assets while AMD got other parts of Cyrix. Via Technology asserts that C7-D processor is the first carbon neutral processors in the world that consumes 20Watt power. This PC is in complying with the European Union’s Restriction of Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment guide and is also certified by China Energy Conservation Program. The Restriction of Hazardous Substances is with complying with computer features 1GB RAM, with maximum of 160GB SATA hard drive with 3GB of data transfer, Via’s CN700 chipset, and Via’s UniChrome Pro II integrated graphic processor.