Nokia to launch WiMax phones in early ‘08

Nokia has reported about the release of WiMax enabled telephones by the starting of 2008. WiMax can accomplish a broadband speed at over 30miles distance, WiMax runs over 802.16 xs on wireless metropolitan area network (WMAN). But there is an assertion that WiMax is inappropriate for voice transmission but during the testing phase it ran perfectly over 15miles in London. Nokia is planning to begin its sales of WiMax wireless broadband with much lower cost that gives low cost reduction up to 10times that the present 3G mobile cellular telephone services. As WiMax delivers an faster internet speed it is not befitted well for wireless voice calls, as reported by Nokia an high handset seller in the mobile market.

WiMax has high Internet access speed that runs on laptops, phones and other mobile instruments. This technology covers large distances than its preceding technologies. Motorola, an US-based company is the nearest rival of Nokia in handset market also plans to release its WiMax enabled phones by the start of 2008. The mobile companies that support the open-standard WiMax technology are Intel, Nokia, Samsung and Motorola, Internet access can be slowed down when the congestion over network are more due to voice callers. Regulators have rented out radio spectrum for WiMax networks at low prices than 3G mobile phones spectrum, the vendors claim that the infrastructure and handsets used in WiMax are lower than 3G systems of Helsinki.

Since last one to two years the presence of 3G and 3.5G wireless technology is mainly in Europe and North America, Nokia the Finnish mobile phone maker is thinking to device 4G WiMax standard widgets and the tools that execute at 2Mbps or more speeds from other Wi-Fi devices. WiMax is mechanically modified successor than Wi-Fi wireless devices, which highly increases the rate of information being gathered from air that cell phones and the mobile devices uses. In previous versions an antenna technology is used for sending and receiving the WiMax signals which was loss to device’s batteries. WiMax enabled devices would have an greater bandwidth feature than traditional mobile networks.

Due to this new feature faster streaming of media and Internet downloads can be done. The specifications made for WiMax by the telecommunication industry includes the power efficiency capacity and the mobile makers are making out ways to make energy-efficient chips to give consumers of WiMax devices viable. WiMAX signals carries 70 megabits of data per second whereas Wi-Fi has capacity to transmit roughly 20 megabits of data per second and has exceeded performance on the 300 kilobits on cellular networks. Nokia is planning to introduce its WiMax business in large U.S. cities having the advantage of WiMAX technology.