Apple’s AirPort Extreme can pose security risk

Apple delivered its latest software AirPort Extreme base station with 802.11n Firmware 7.1 on 9th, April 2007. This software update addresses the security related problems and secures the default configuration of the AirPort Extreme Base Station with 802.11n and its latest update is available on the company’s web portal. This update fixes the security blots, which reveals the file names that are stored on a password-protected disk onto the device. The primary security cavity discourses by the 4.6Mb patch includes the router’s default configuration accepts the incoming IPv6 connections but this exposes the services connected to network and other hosts, devices to the remote attackers.

Presently IPv4 address is deficient so the next version IPv6 is being used for the wider range of IP addresses. Another feature of Airport Disk is that, it allows network of users to share same storage space on a USB disk that is connected to base station. One more feature of Airport Disk is that it has password protection except it won’t protect file names. A spokesperson of Apple has said that an issue with this Airport Disk feature is that it allows the multiple users on the network to see the file names on the password protected disk but could not see the file contents without giving the password.

This new software updates will solve this issue by changing the default settings the limit inbounds if IP address traffic IPv6 to the local network. The above issues effects Apple’s wireless router of AirPort Extreme Base Station with 802.11n that was released in January. From Airport Utility, the device’s firmware software and be downloaded n updated. Apple is going to transform the standard policy that spontaneously stops the IPv6 traffic from all the systems that are on the network. This has little flare but has more significance with a correction in station’s approach to USB hard drives that are been distributed through the Airport Disk feature.

Airport Extreme poses a security threat as all the computers are locally connected over a network and has access to other computers files by its name on its password-protected volumes without entering the passwords and then it is possible to subject to any sensitive information that a particular file may have. So an additional layer of authentication of user now stops the data theft on secured volume. No part of the files’ contents was obtainable before the update. The Mac maker advises to all the owners of 802.11n device to primary install AirPort Extreme Base Station update 2007-001 prior trying to install latest firmware