Microsoft licenses Vista for ‘diskless’ PCs

Microsoft is relaxing the rules in new Vista licensing terms for new marketing strategies even “diskless” PCs. The technology used by Microsoft is known as Virtualization Technology, where an each computer behaves as many independent computers and the higher speed networks can be accessed from different parts. The explanation for Virtualization technology is as follows : A diskless PC is been placed in an data center, whereas the other parts of the computers such as, processors , memory , graphic chips are placed at the workers desk and these all can be accessed.

The license are being given to Windows Vista Enterprise that are used for diskless PCs and other license is issued for Windows Vista Enterprise Centralized Desktops that windows run on virtual machines that are centralized on server hardware.

Previously, the licensing terms for such computers were improper but according to new rules for issuing the licensing for Windows Vista Enterprise the companies will also get the Corporate Edition of the new operating system. With the new licensing terms, computational power and PCs storage features are being given other than desktops. The director of Windows Business Group, Mr. Scott Woodgate had said that they were replying that they were empowering some adopters in the finance and government sectors that would benefit the architectures with centralize storage of windows and the executions of windows in data centers.

Microsoft has given licenses to diskless PCs and also to other desktop PC which is also known as thin client that run on multiple virtual machines which in turn run on a server. The license of Vista Enterprise Centralized desktop will be charged annually. Microsoft wants of set up such license legally so that diskless PCs will be more powerful but there are some back drops as there is need of steady and continuous high speed network connection for the PC to be more usable. Microsoft is planning to make diskless PCs more business oriented and extra third party enterprise software is required to make systems boot up.

For diskless PCs there are some technical restrictions and there is requirement of large IT resources to maintain these operations. Microsoft is looking that some top-secret government institutions or agencies may set up these operations where security is excelled than discomfort. Microsoft is foreseeing that it may take an year and half to two years to complete the set up and run these operations into production and how effectively it works. Using the Vista software, the new terms area allowed to store and execute the data centre and desktop is permitted by new Vista Enterprise Centralized Desktop licenses.