IBM plans new top-end Xeon servers this year

IBM is planning to deliver an high end, new fourth-generation Intel’s server that uses quad-core Xeon processor called “Tigerton” along with the other fourth-generation chipset called “X4″ in 2007. Intel is using its core architecture of its first MP prototype in the quad-core chip that includes 64-bit to store large amounts of memory. The quad-core which uses the four processor systems in a single system is ingenious to bind into other large multiprocessor configuration systems .IBM’s design for this chip-set that bridges processors with memory, storage, networking and also other processors.

The other new processors of Intel’s Xeon MP are “Cranford”, which is low cost design with a cache memory high-speed of 1MB and the other is ” Potomac ” with any of 4MB or 8MB cache memory. Big Blue’s X Architecture design on high-end Xeon merchandises an gear by its engineers to create in-house x86server from other high-end server groups. Intel is expecting good returns from its new x86 server designs among its Xeon processors or with Opteron, an Advanced Micro devices’ processor whereas X Architecture specific focus on high-end servers.

” Twin Castle ” an E8500 chipset produced by California based The Santa Clara that fastens the processor with the system to increase the memory, data transfer and other input-output features. The X4 systems are significant for many reasons as to make progress to compete with AMD’s x86 higher-end chips and also assisting IBM to be x86 leader. “Hurricane” an X3 chipset of IBM’s is its present chipset that supports the system configurations up to 32 processors and also X4 continues the trend. IBM is confining configurations on sizing that Linux and Windows systems that supports 32 processors.

Presently the market for four or more x86 processors is not as big as two processor market but it’s very valuable market. The market value for x86 servers that marketed four or more processors in 2005 were $24.6 and in 2006 were slightly higher than $5.5billion of $25.8 billion of market value of 5% of x86 servers. Sun Microsystems is new entrant in x86 server market with UltraSparc, HP does not market 8 processor Xeon servers from now but planning to be leader through its multiprocessor x86 machines. IBM’s x86 server Power, and top-end Xeon MP executing at 3.33GHz with 8MB of cache memory is priced at $3,692 when bought at 1000 a time.

The chipset backs DDR2 memory which is fast and runs with low power.IBM had many years of experience in vending multiprocessors , servers and other things and IBM is going to start a relative new program known as ScaleBuilder Program to support the Independent Software vendors to grow, and using their code to bebefit for microprocessor and multicore systems. Using this program IBM wants to have a glance on designs and to run jobs parallely. So, IBM plans for new Xeon servers and other x86 servers this year.