Intel to add memory controllers, threading in 2008

Intel commences to generate an new chip called Nehalem, a secret name given to the existing Intel chip family. The production would be starting from 2008 for merging components like the memory controllers and direct links that are used among processor cores. Nehalem is treated as the only dynamically measurable micro architectured chip. Designers from Intel plans to make chips that are used from servers and notebooks, the different types of chips can be collected from species of elements to choose from. Nehalem would have cores that are ranged from 1 to 8 chips.Nehalem is ingenious of marketing two independent softwares per each core.

An concept used by Intel here is called as Hyperthreading that permits a processor to achieve different code of streams at an equal times.. Hyperthreading technology was used by Intel in Pentium4 processor, an single core processor but later interrupted with the onset of multicore chips. A “point-to-point” chip is been build by Intel that freely connects the core of processors with other adjacent processors, and this installs a quick bridge among the processors and its memory with the integrated memory controllers.The Hyperthreading and point-to-point are the two techniques used by Advanced Micro Devices to surpasss into the server markets using its Opteron chip, 2003 as the Intel was detest.

The chips of Nehalem family will not be produced with all the features but are accessible with the Intel. As the various customers need various chips for their needs of future PC’s or servers.Apple, Intel’s servers that needs graphical controllers used integrated pieces for its industrial design’s for even smaller systems and its integration of critical system components. The servers which are used in business and other gaming’s needs the distinct requirments of 8core processor that handles 16threads and is ingenious to market with the less powered chips that are used in blade servers. Nehalem’s production starts in 2008 using the 45-nanometer technology .

Intel plans to bring out Penryn chips that uses this modern manufacturing technology that used various combinations of cores and dual-cores of present generation that executes at greater than 3GHz..Intel continues to use 2cores for its Notebook. Intel thinks that there will be an increase of 20% in the gaming execution using the Penryn chips. Presently Core 2 Duo processors are used in media applications that increases upto 45%. The other features of Nehalem is high performance used memory controllers and low latency periods supporting 4 or more channels of memory. This also needs low cache for each MPU’s and there is an on-die switch that is used for traffic among the 4cores and other caches on each chips.