The Macintosh TV was Apple Computer’s first attempt at computer-television integration. It shared the external appearance of the Macintosh LC 500 series, but in black. The Macintosh TV was essentially a Performa 520 which could switch its built-in 14″ Sony Trinitron CRT from being a computer display to a cable-ready television. It was incapable of showing television feeds in a desktop window, although it could capture still frames to PICT files. Ironic for a system based around television, one of the big reasons cited for its failure was its sub-par (especially for Macs) graphics performance.

It came with a small remote control that is also compatible with Sony televisions. Only 10,000 were made in the model’s short time on the market, and they are now quite rare, and highly sought for collections Apple TV (styled tv) is a set-top box manufactured by Apple. The Apple TV name and start of online sales was announced by Steve Jobs during the keynote speech at the 2007 Macworld Expo in San Francisco on January 9, 2007. The Apple TV is enabled to stream digital content from any computer running Mac OS X or Microsoft Windows running iTunes onto an enhanced-definition or high-definition widescreen television; the device does not display broadcast television.

The Apple TV will also work on a standard television withThe Apple TV was previewed as a teaser at “It’s Showtime!”, a special event hosted by Apple CEO Steve Jobs at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco, California on September 12, 2006. Jobs introduced the product with the line “One last thing…”, a variant of his famous phrase “One more thing…”. 480i resolution support and component video input.

Apple is selling the device for US$299, and shipments began on March 20th.

Specifications Rear connectors including power, USB for firmware updates, Ethernet, HDMI, component video and audio, and optical audio.

Apple TV technical specifications (items in italics are rumoured and not confirmed):

• Intel Pentium-M “Crofton” Processor[1] (based on Pentium-M “Dothan”)

o 1.0 GHz o 2 MB of L2 cache o 350 MHz underclocked system bus

• NVIDIA GeForce Go 7300 (64 MB VRAM) [7]

• 256 MB of 400 MHz DDR2 SDRAM [8].

• 40 GB hard disk

• USB 2.0 (for diagnostic use only)

• 10BASE-T/100BASE-T Ethernet

• 802.11 b, g, n wireless networking (AirPort)

• Infrared Receiver, works with Apple Remote

• HDMI (audio & video)