Microsoft buys speech recognition company TELLME

Microsoft plans to buy a voice-recognition technology company called “Tellme Networks Inc.”. Tellme Networks promotes the service for computer users and call centers. Microsoft wants to purchase this private company that answers phone calls from local business persons. This voice recognition helps people to find directions of roads, even tells the scores of various sports, even answers the stock quotes along with weather and local news.
Microsoft, Washington wants to acquire the 320 employees based in Tellme , California . The merger will help Microsoft to expand its speech technology in its software market along with the existing touch and handwriting recognition market. This deal would be more than $800 millions making Microsoft’s biggest possessions since 2002.The merger can be used as launch pad for Microsoft for complimenting the push techology and communications space and increases its search options on mobile phones.
Microsoft anticipates that the overtaking of Tellme Networks.,masters itself in mobile phone searching which is still an uncaptured market and hopes to compete strongly with Google Inc., which are big leaders in computer based searching operations.Microsoft thinks that searches on mobile phones would be a profitable business and are up from grabs.This deal increases the market of speech technology which is still an open market till present.
Microsoft thinks that the future mobile phones’ interface would be voice technology.Microsoft is planning for the rich experience of Tellme’s voice services that includes directory based services and its own high employee and customer services, that uses push technology for its web-based services like e-mails and word processing. But web-based voice service, which uses voice commands are still new unexplored services for Microsoft.
Tellme Networks., was started by Mike McCue who formerly worked as executive in Netscape. Tellme’s main service is automated phone sevices which are used by companies such as Merrill Lynch, Federl Express. This service is used by 40 million employess and customers per month.Outlook, the one of features of Microsoft’s Office Calender uses the voice commands for e-mails and also calls the employees or customers with just a mouse clicks and people’s interactions over telephones are established.
Microsoft thinks that the telephone numbers are used as innovations in the conference call technology using the Tellme’s voice based capability services through voice commands. Tellme uses more than half of paid directory assistance services calls in US.Tellme’s company is rich cash-in flow with yearly turnover of $100 and is privately secured by its employess and other capital firms like Benchmark Capital and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.So the deal according to Microsoft fits well for increasing the inputs from voice than natural typing.