Outsiders Get First Peek at Microsoft’s TechFest

Microsoft usually hosts the TechFest program to allow insiders and those working within Microsoft groups to take a look at some major goals of Microsoft when it comes to the area of research. Normally, the TechFest program is a big hit and is looked forward to by Microsoft employees as well as hundreds of people outside of Microsoft. However, this year in 2007, Microsoft changed the way that they performed TechFest. As mentioned, TechFest is a program mainly for Microsoft’s inside employees, so logic would tell you that their employees would be number one priority. However, this year the outsiders became the number one focus as TechFest was opened up to several hundred outsiders, like government officials, customers, and Microsoft’s partners, to allow all of them to peek in and view what
Microsoft is planning to unveil.

This year the main focus was on Microsoft’s plan to enable computers to use
them as a large-scale telescope for consumers. This project would
essentially enable computers to see the same things as high powered
telescopes. The resources for the project comes from the idea of The Hubble
Telescope as well as the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. There are millions of
images within those two pieces of technology and Microsoft hopes to sort of
mimic the technology and put it inside computers. This project could totally
change the way that students and the public in general, are educated and
puts a big expectation on what will be the ultimate futures of computers.
Computers certainly will not be dying down with Microsoft’s latest
technology project!

This computer-based telescope has many implications and brings many
questions out into the open, especially for researchers, but for consumers
alike. What will the future of research be if all of the images from NASA’s
Hubble Telescope can be clearly seen from a computer? What will the future
of astronomy be altogether? Where does the line get drawn when trying to
decide what images can be seen and which can not? Of course, there are many
questions associated with Microsoft’s project, but they are continuing to
improve their idea and one of their main goals was to present it to the
public in their TechFest that they hosted this year. Altogether, TechFest
was a big hit, especially because it allowed Microsoft’s customers as well
as others to get an inside peek at the big project that Microsoft is
currently working to develop.