Microsoft’s Research Labs Offer Freebies

At Microsoft’s headquarters last week, they held an internal science fair that had companies buzzing about the headquarters to get a heads up on what is being produced by Microsoft. This internal science fair also gives researchers, scientists, and many other companies the chance to not only advertise the products they are working on, but the chance to gain some support for the many projects that they need support for. Fortunately for those at Microsoft’s internal science fair that they held last week, a couple of producers decided to jump in the ring and hand out their products for free. They decided that the best way to gain support and attention was to give away their products, so that is exactly what happened. A couple of the products that were given away were called HD View and Asirra, and both of the products have everything to do with how you view things on the computer.

The project HD View takes images from websites on the world wide web, very
large images that is, and makes it possible for you to clearly see them. In
order for this to work the image would have to be shrunk down to a size that
is viewable. This project has successfully done such a thing, with each
small picture that is representing is capable of holding millions upon
millions, and sometimes even billions, of megapixels. Consumers who want to
look at a very large picture no longer have to worry making it small enough
to fit on their screen. With this technology, HD View makes it possible for
you to click in one area of the picture and scroll around. Not only are you
able to scroll around, but you can view it from an aerial view as well as
any view that you choose! The different perspectives is what makes HD View
really unique and the ability to have different resolutions with the
pictures that are being viewed also makes it a good product.

A second product that was being given out for free at Microsoft’s internal
science fair is called Asirra. The Asirra is basically a product for
consumers that will not only help them decode the tough images on their
computer screen, but it will help the categorization problem of computers as
well. Jeremy Elson is the main researcher behind this product and also
delighted himself in giving away his product to the people at the science
fair as he was displaying and presenting it.

All in all, the people at the Microsoft science fair not only learned the
capabilities of the different products that were displayed, but even got the
chance to receive some of the technology for free! Both the HD View and
Asirra are two pieces of technology that will greatly help consumers and
people can now see the benefit of having such products!