Microsoft Web Search Exec Rumored to be Leaving

Who knew that there would be two incidents of top Microsoft employees that plan to leave the company within a week of each other? Even though the reason that both of them are leaving may be for two totally different reasons, are they in some way connected? What will the future of Microsoft be? Will Bill Gates be turned over from his million and billion dollar fortune? Of course the latter question probably does not hold any promise whatsoever, but what can people assume when they see that two people are leaving Microsoft within such a short time of each other? The two employees that are leaving Microsoft are Chris Payne and Blake Irving.

The top man in Microsoft’s search engine creation, however, Chris Payne, has
decided to leave Microsoft and develop his own company. He has not commented
on why he is leaving other than to develop his own company and that in
itself is not a bad reason. But after getting Microsoft on the right track
when it came to developing their own search engine, maybe Chris Payne has a
few ideas of his own. On the other hand, Microsoft has not done any better
to capture most of the search engine queries since November of 2006, so
perhaps this is also a reason why the Microsoft Web Search Executive is
leaving the company.

Microsoft is currently competing with Google, the number one search engine
across the world, along with Yahoo, in their competition to fight for
consumers’ search queries. Of course the advertising that the search engines
receive is phenomenal and Microsoft is trying to dig itself out of the hole.
On the other hand, even though Microsoft has gotten started with their own
search engine a little late does not mean that there won’t be any future for
their search engine that Microsoft has created. With Chris Payne’s help they
have developed their search engine into what it is now and most of the
credit can be traced back to Chris Payne.

The other top person in the Microsoft company is Blake Irving and he is the
other individual who is leaving Microsoft. Even though he is leaving because
of retirement, one can’t help to ponder the fact that both employees who
were significant figures in the Microsoft Corporation are now leaving. What
is in store for Microsoft, and will these two people, especially Chris
Payne, affect Microsoft in his leaving?