Micron Image Sensor Hits 8 Megapixels

Many people across the world enjoy the use of their video cameras as well as the digital technology that has become known in many still cameras across the board. But who doesn’t enjoy this same use of their digital cameras? Many people know the value of a good digital camera and desire to have the newest and latest technology on the market. But whether you buy Panasonic, Sony, Canon, or another brand of digital camera, chances are that you are
going to buy one that has excellent quality for a very reasonable price. Even though the retail price of digital cameras and video cameras have gone down in price for consumers over the past several years, the makers of these digital cameras are trying to squeeze as much profit as they can out of their digital cameras.

Micron Technology, however, has come out with the tools to create an
8-megapixel camera and those components of it will soon be ready for mass
production. The difference between these cameras they are about to make and
the ones that are already on the market is seen in the type of technology
that they both use. For example, the cameras and digital recorders that are
in retail markets today use the common charge-coupled device technology. But
the camera that Micron Technology is about to produce uses the same
technology that is placed in many computers on the market. This type of
technology that they are using in these new eight-megapixel cameras are the
complementary metal-oxide semiconductor high-definition video sensors. This
component, often referred to as CMOS technology, is frequently used in cell
phones as well as select video cameras.

However, with the new technology that they are using to create
eight-megapixel cameras come the many questions that arise along with the
new process. Some people are wondering whether the image quality will be
able to match that of the normal digital camera technology, which is
currently the charge-coupled device technology. However, researchers have
already said that they have no doubt that it will be just as effective, if
not more effective, than the technology and devices that are currently being
used in digital cameras. The conclusion of this production of
eight-megapixel cameras will be seen by all the digital camera producers
everywhere. Will the new eight-megapixel cameras allow camera makers to cut
their costs while increasing their profits? In a world where prices rise and
fall, it is a good option for camera companies and producers, such as Sony
or Micron Technology, to look into!