Mozilla opens up a shop in China

Mozilla corporation who is responsible for getting a smile on million of faces by making them browse the net using there Firefox browser has now decided to battle it out with others in the world’s second largest web market China. China is not new to Mozilla, with its not-for-profit foundation supporting open source software projects already in Beijing. This will also be the first corporate off-shored project of Mozilla. In a public announcement made by the Chief Operating Officer (COO) John Lilly said that it is his goal to see that everyone in the world browses using Firefox. He wants the whole world to know that there is another substitute available for browsing internet, other than Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

Mozilla s know for getting its work done by freelancers who are not employed by Mozilla directly but tests, modifies, providing technical support and gets paid according to there service. This Open Source Software show is not run by the 100 odd Mozilla employees employed world wide but by volunteers who test, tweak and share up the software’s like Linux on which Firefox is based. Mozilla started its operation with an intention to provide leadership for the open source Mozilla project, a non-profit organization based in Mountain view, CA, USA. It was dedicated to preserving choice and promoting innovation on the Internet.

Mozilla Foundation struck a deal with Google to make it as default search engine in Firefox browser. Similar such contracts are also signed with Yahoo where individual web surfer is targeted while Open Source targets the Linux distributor Red Hat, Oracle and other clients. Mozilla has an intention of giving China a personal touch by making developers in China adapt to its strategy and get Mozilla in Chinese flavor. Mozilla already has its presence in the eastern world with its office in Tokyo and volunteers working from Taiwan would like to make its presence felt in China. It will compare itself with other centre across the globe in the next few years. China is the world’s second largest computer market behind USA. Mozilla also has around 1 million users in China of the total 100 million spread across the globe.

Chinese government has not been very supportive in terms of its leniency in laws over copyright and piracy issues and sky rocketing costs of obtaining software license encourages more volunteers to come forward. China is already producing cheapest electronic items currently in the world is also keen on developing technology. Beijing is already working on its own computer Operating System (OS) and wireless standard.

Microsoft still holds the cutting edge by being the most widely used web browser to surf the net was once challenged by now vanquished Netscape browser. Mozilla is quite far in this rat race to the number one spot but is now considered to be the closet rival of Microsoft Internet Explorer. Since its launch in 2004, Firefox has added a numerous applications and tools in its web browser making it more efficient in terms of protection against Malwares, Spywares. According to the recent survey done by an independent organization, Internet Explorer users are 86 percent browsing globally and 11.5 percent are using Firefox where as the remaining both Apple’s Safari and Norway’s Opera Software, had less than 2 percent each. The reason for setting up a shop in China is to increase its percentage of usage globally by targeting the second largest internet market.