Google opens Gmail to all

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Google’s mailing service Gmail which took off like a rocket which was available only on invitation, now stands open to all. Gmail provides each user nearly 2.8 GB of memory space which increases with every single second passed by a few Kb’s. If you ever considered yourself unlucky for not being able to open an account with Gmail, then I think you just got lucky. After completing sixteen successful months of regress and through testing of its Beta version, where opening an account was possible only through an invitation is now available in its full version of everyone to use it.

Google had reinvented the web based email service with its Gmail service by calling it “Conversational “mails. Each message is stored in terms of conversations in folders in a chronological order. With one click users can expand or compress all the messages which are the part of the conversations. It’s very easy compared to other emails. This innovation of messaging threading took Gmail to greater heights, beyond the expectation of all. It was major source of revenue generation for Google with its unique feature of displaying advertisements in the mails. This was made public on Wednesday. Anyone is welcome to open an account which was restricted earlier.

Google has lost the lawsuit filed by Independent International Investment Research, a UK based which registered for the name Gmail in between Google’s Web-based e-mail launch and the search firm’s own attempt to trademark the Gmail name. Tons of storage space which is in gigabytes is the most attractive feature of this mailing service. Gmail’s unique feature of increasing with a few kilobytes with every passing second is also an eye catcher. And also for the numerous lawsuits that Gmail is going through in Europe. Another lawsuit battle is going somewhere in Western Europe between Google and Daniel Giersch, a German born venture capitalist whose 6 year old trade mark “G-mail…und die Post geht richtig ab” (translation: Gmail…and the mail goes right off)”.

Gmail has truly been a delight to use. With passage of time Google has integrated various applications with this email service. Gmail on Mobile was the latest to be added in this category. This Java enabled application runs on mobile phone and will synchronize Gmail on the phone with the web account of the user. Most attachments like PDF, photos and documents can be viewed on the phone itself. Nevertheless, Google has answered to everyone’s worries of it being not open to all by declaring it open to all.

Gmail has finally move beyond it Beta stage where the access to open an account was limited to only a few people. You can even sign up for this service now through your mobile phone in US. Google prefers the use of mobile phone for creating accounts so as to refrain people from creating multiple user accounts. Google is very keen on making it close to spam free in its full version unlike in beta where often Gmail has been criticized for having a low quality spam filter. The spam filter issue has been addressed in the new and full version of Gmail. Google intends to have only one user account per real person. This full service allows up to 10MB of data be transferred in a single message.

I’m sure a lot of people must have raised there eyebrows for the use of mobile phone number which can misused. Google has already released a statement that it will not be selling it to any other company. However, I consider this as there marketing strategy of getting more people to sign up for Google SMS alerts. Gmail has been the prime reason why Yahoo and Hotmail had to increase there storage space as well to match with its pace. Now that Gmail is open to all, let’s wait and watch how other web service reacts to this new threat from Google.