Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone

Apple decided two and a half years ago to revolutionaries the mobile phones and on January 10th 2007 Steven P. Jobs introduced Apple’s “iPhone” at the Mac World Conference & Expo in downtown San Francisco. He pronounced this new age smart phone as an achievement on par with the Macintosh and the iPod..

This revolutionary mobile phone comes with a wide screen iPod with touch controls. Aimed to be a pioneer in Internet communication through mobile phone, this iphone will be available from the mid of 2007 for the citizens of US. It will gradually enter the European market and the other parts of the world may to wait for early next year.

Let us traverse through a stream of feature this iPhone is accompanied with.

Battery Backup: Apple is promising five hours for calling or video and 16 hours in music mode.

Buttons: Are you seriously looking for buttons on this touch screen phone? The only button that it has is a ‘home’ button. Like any other normal touch sensitive mobile phone, it also has volume, ringer and sleep button on its side. A great deal of

Built in features: iPhone has an inbuilt microphone for audio recording. It also has a 3,5mm audio jack to support audio playback. If you’re looking for a FM radio in this phone then you ought to be looking at the wrong model because Apple never came out with such a feature

Camera: It’s integrated with a high resolution 2megapixel camera( the highest according to Steve in its category) and a photo management application which helps you manage your pictures in a better way.

Email: It comes with a Yahoo email application installed on it. So you no longer need to sync it with your computer and waste hours of your precious time like in other blackberry devices.

iPod: With a 3.5 inch wide screen movies, clips and audio are played and displayed better than any other iPod.: Apple recently signed a MOU(Memorandum of Understanding) with Paramount. Although the details of this is not yet made public but I’m hoping this will fill out for the movies category of iTunes The videos can be uploaded through a USB connector but the wireless download is still under consideration.

Model: Its thin, sleek and rounded edges make it smoother and congenial in looks. It will be very alluring and fashionable to possess.

Music Player: Apple’s success with the iPod music player is perceptible to all. Its media playback interface will be acquainted with a plenty of popular features of iPod and the breadth of the content will be offered by its compatible service iTunes will ensure that everyone’s thirst of listening to them will be quenched with these tunes.

Operating System: iPhone runs on Mac OS X.ODS to OMIC.

Other features: The iPhone is loaded with other features like conference calling, speaker phone and basic text and multimedia messaging, photo management tools and a personal organizer

Physical Measures: It measures about 4.5×2.4×0.46 inches and its weights about 4.8 ounces and looks similar to Palm Treo 750

Price: An official announcement is yet to be made by Apple regarding the price. However, rumors say that its 4 GB model will be priced at $499 and 8 GB will cost $599. We can wait till June 2007 for confirmation.

Screen: The eminent feature of iPhone is its touch screen and to view videos on a wide 3.5 inch screen is a pleasure to watch.. The common feature is the use of an inimitable stretching technology. Its immemorial usage in browsing the web pages makes it simple and easy to use. Its ingenious auto adjust feature allows videos to be played in full screen. The phone has impressed with a resolution of 320×480×160 pixels per inch upon this wide screen.

Sensors: iPhone is installed with a proximity sensor which is responsible for shutting off the screen when your talking and ambient light sensor adjusts brightness and saves power. The intelligent accelerometer knows when to switch between landscape and portrait orientation while you’re watching videos

Software: Engrossed with many customized and intelligent software’s makes it very attractive and easy to use. Its often noticed that on touch sensitive phone people make a lot of typing errors but you need not worry as it has a feature to recognize your miss-spelled words and give you correct words as suggestions.

Voice Mail: Its embodied with unique characteristics of visual voice mail. It works similar to an email where you can see and browse through the voice mails and listen to one you want.

Web Browser: With Cingular as its only carrier service provider, the web browsing is looking not as promising as only up to a maximum speed of 2.5 GB of data transfer being offered. This is under continuous improvement and in next six months a change in the data transfer is expected. Connectivity options also look promising with stereo Bluetooth, WI-Fi POP3 and IMAP4 e-mail, and a Safari Web browser

Here a few technical specifications:

  • 3.5” 320 x 480 touch-screen (160 ppi)
  • OSX operating system
  • Option to select either 4 GB or 8 GB of internal memory
  • Quad band 850 GSM 900 GSM 1800 GSM 1900 GSM
  • 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi and Edge
  • 5 hrs of talk, video and Internet browsing time
  • Music playback up to 16 hrs
  • Dimensions: 4.5” x 2.4” x 0.46”
  • Weight: 4.8 ounces.

There isn’t any test run given to viewers at the conference in downtown San Francisco. It’s tough to truly evaluate the phone’s capability as a music and video player. It may look similar to an iPod but this widescreen induced with high technological features and a break through internet device makes it a revolutionary phone. The functions like music player, camera, web browsing, emails are now common in mobile phones. But, its unique blend of archaic ways of phone usage and introduction of new technological features created a way for this innovational phone to be designed.

Apple’s goal, Mr. Jobs said, was to translate the Macintosh computer’s ease of operation into the phone realm. “We want to make it so easy to use that everyone can use it,” he said. And he was clearly betting on translating Apple’s success with the iPod music player to a hot category of multifunction devices.. Cingular will be the only carrier Apple will let its iPhone sell through its stores apart from its own stores. Cingular has made an impressive deal with Apple, as most of the top notch application needs some service of it to be activated on your phone. Songs cannot be downloaded directly on to your computer from iTunes store. It needs to be connected to a computer to download it and cant use the existing Bluetooth or Wi-Fi onboard but needs to subscribe to a service with Cingular for songs to be downloaded on to iPhone.

Underscoring the transformation of a quickly computer maker into the dominant force in digital music, and signaling his ambitions to extend that reach, Mr. Jobs also announced that Apple was dropping “computer” from its name and would henceforth be known as Apple Inc. Investors look quickly to the pitch, sending Apple’s stock price up to a record close, while shares of established cell phone makers slumped. Apple has always maintained secrecy about its products. They have often succeeded in generating plenty of hype about the product before its launch. Even there partners like Cingular Wireless, Google and Yahoo, did not see the device before its launch. With they dropping the word “computer “ from there name. Apple has hinted that it’s aiming to be the number one in consumer electronics brand.

The introduction of this phone was done by its CEO in a grand style and thus has raised the expectation level of all its potential consumers. With still six months to go for its first releases for its US customers we hope that it introduces or improves the already existed features like allowing wireless download of iTunes.

After introducing the iPhone to the world, Steve Jobs was joined by Dr. Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google Inc. on the dais. He mentioned about the companies merger but turned it as a joke. He however did mention about Google’s long term plan to be with Apple and hinted about working on many different data services in collaboration with Apple.

Next person to step on the stage was Jerry Yang; co-founder and Chief of Yahoo Inc. Yahoo plans to launch many new applications like Yahoo Go and One search on the phone and also its email application will be integrated with the spam protection, address book and calendar. It may boot the blackberry devices out of the market, as it works similar to a blackberry.

Apple iPhone has not been made public yet but already closing of its original design has begun at a swift pace. These cloned interfaces can be easily downloaded onto any already existing smart phones. Apple has filed for around 200 patents associated with the iPhone, building an imposing legal wall. Apple has fired a warning to the intruders through there press release and has threatened to sue companies who develop such skins, which can typically be loaded onto Windows Mobile and Palm operating systems. Apple however is still fighting legal battle with Cisco Systems for the use of trademark name “iPhone “. According to the trade mark experts a company had to file a declaration of use before the license expires. IPhone has been registered with Cisco since 1999 but whether they still have the exclusive rights of using this name or not is not known. We shall wait for the judge to pronounce its verdict in this case.

Overall, however, and despite the high price, we predict an iPhone success.. Although there is an approval pending by the Federal Communications Commission for its sales and release we hope that this will indeed revolutionize the mobile phones. Another suggestion that comes out instantly as we talk about iPhone is why isn’t Apple introducing a standalone touch screen iPod without a phone? Anyways, I’m eagerly waiting for its release in June to get a hands on experience so that we can accurately do the review. The iPhone will garner interest simply because it exists. The battery is durable enough for five hours of talk time, video playback or Web browsing and 16 hours of audio playback. The iPhone weighs 4.8 ounces and is slightly less than half an inch thick. The announcements drove Apple’s stock up $7.10, or 8.3 percent, to an all-time-high close, $92.57. Shares continued to climb in after-hours trading.

In his two-hour presentation before an audience of reporters, analysts and Apple employees at the Macworld Expo trade show, the parallel he repeatedly drew was between the new phone and the Macintosh personal computer, which had a vast impact on the computer industry when it arrived in 1984. Apple had once revolutionized music with there iPod’s and now they are going to do it with phone with the launch of there iPhone’s.

Here is a video on the iPhone pointing out some of its many features:

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