Apple iPhone Commercials

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The Apple iPhone has taken the world by storm and Steve Jobs manages to persuade many that the iPhone is indeed the “revolutionary” phone that will change the way we look, interact and talk on our cell phones, the new era begins. Of course, hype is most often misleading but than again Apple knows its consumers and creates amazing commercials. It’s only a matter of time until the Apple iPhone Commercial hit televisions and the internet. Meanwhile, there are already spoofs and conceptual commercials on the iPhone. Below are some of the iPhone commercials.

This Apple iPhone Commercial, created for the Conan O’Brian Show, highlights its features, even those that don’t exist! A very entertaining iPhone commercial.

Another iPhone promotion (commercial). Steven Jobs unvails the iPhone on SNL (Saturday Night Live).

This is an iPhone conceptual commercial, what people thought, or hoped the iPhone would look like, an impressive design and to some elements more effective.

Stephen Colbert talks and the abomination that is the iPhone.

More iPhone commercials and spoofs will be posted as they come out.