Apple iPhone Copied LG KE850?

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LG KE850

The LG KE850 an iPhone look a like is set to be released around March-April this phone although may not look as impressive as the iPhone is packed with several resembling features, and is still under development. LG has so far been fairly quite on their “revolutionary” item, as stated by Apple. However, although Apple’s iPhone may look similar, apple has once again shined at promoting their product and crating massive buzz. Take their iPods for example, due to excellent advertising apple owns approx. 70% of the MP3 world, but their are just as many MP3 players packed with many more features, impressive style and lower cost that fail to sell. Reason: no buzz. Buzz or hype if you will creates potential buyers and excites millions. Although LG may be able to create a better cell it’s unlikely they will have as many sales as the iPhone, because iBuzz is already spreading while the LG KE850 (a hard to remember name) is losing ground on their share of the revolution. Below is a short clip highlighting the similarities of the iPhone and LG KE850.

Another video showing several features of the LG KE850, an iPod look alike.