Zune Art Commercials

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Microsoft has released some very weird, yet artistic ads to market the Zune. I don’t think these ads are anything special, the apple iPod ads were much more effective and eye catching. But these “Zune Arts,” are but an artistic interpretation of the zune. They have mainly been circulating around the web, and it’s very unlikely they will hit the T.V. due to their length.

There are several videos in the thread, you may need to wait while they show up.

Zune Eye Art (ad) – The weirdest ad possible

This is the Zune Bird Art (ad)

Zune City Art (ad)

Zune Circle Art (ad) – This one is just weird

This is the Zune Cookie Art (ad) my favorite one.

This is the Zune Pixel Ad, fairly long but very edgy and interesting