New Years Resolution

The New Year is always greeted by joyous celebrations as we set ourselves goals for the future, the New Year. I find this pointless. The rumble about New Years Resolution is nothing more than another excuse for the unwilling to motivate themselves; achieve what they have failed to do the current year, or many previous. And what better way to bring ourselves closer to our goal than by drinking, partying and sleeping late into the first day of the New Year, valuable time wasted once again. It’s ironic how the most popular goals or “new year resolutions” if you will, are to give up smoking, or drinking thus what better way to do this than by celebrating such a goal by drinking and smoking the night before. We should reflect everyday on how we did and set aside goals for the upcoming day. Life can not be conquered by simply setting a few long term goals – several short time goals define one long term goals. Sadly, many people simply take this matter for granted sleep, party or drink away nights and than set aside one day in the whole year to feel sorrow for themselves, and realize that they failed to accomplish anything. Not surprising. Everything should be taken step by side; if your goal is to stop smoking than you should force yourself to everyday to not smoke, and plan to do the same the upcoming day. If your goal is to make money, you should reflect your daily activities and see if you did anything to move yourself closer to your goals. If your goal is to get higher marks, reflect to check if you studied that day and how your actions for that day will move you forward in your journey. It’s a step by step procedure, not a one day thing. In closing, I leave you to the inspiring words of a robot.