Wii Lawsuit

The recent release of the Nintendo Wii caused some “damages” to individual’s properties or metal/physical health. Thus Americans responded by doing what they do best, Sue! On December 16 a Wii owner filed a lawsuit against Nintendo, stating that Nintendo has violated the Washington Consumer Protection Act. In addition, the owner will be suing for a breach of warranty because Nintendo stated that the Wii strap will prevent the remote from flying off. This recent legal movement has pushed Nintendo to replace the Wii straps.

My Opinions on the Matter (if you care)

The straps currently provided with the Wii are more than secure; I have used the strap and found no problems with them. The only possible way such an incident could occur would be if the strap was purposely stretched in order to weaken it. Out of the millions of Wii’s sold very, very, very few have encountered this problem, most of which have decided to sue. Even though Nintendo will be shipping newer, stronger straps people will still manage to break them and file yet another lawsuit. Therefore, it’s not a matter of quality but a matter of moral values. Of course, that’s just my opinion. What do you think?

Wii Strps
The newer straps are sturdier