Scorpion In Jeans

The scorpion that stung the woman An Okinawa woman received an unexpected surprise as she tried a pair of jeans at a clothing store. As she fitted her self with the latest in style a bolt of pain surged through her legs, scrambling with pain she rubbed her ache only to be stung by a five centimeters long Chinese bark scorpion. The scorpion, tired of familiar sights in China, decided to hitch a ride to the United States. Immediately after the incident “Store clerks called an ambulance and she was taken to hospital, where she stayed for five days.” (MSN News).

Two types of scorpions inhabit the Yaeyama Islands and the Miyako Islands in Okinawa Prefecture and the Ogasawara Islands in Tokyo. But scorpions don’t live in any other areas of mainland Japan and on Okinawa Island. (Mainichi)

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