Is Nintendo Wii dangerous? Broken gamer TVs

With the Nintendo Wii finally released, some are skeptical of how long it will be before Nintendo gets sued. Why? Well, some gamers are already complaining about problems with the system. For instance, the strap on the Wii Remote snapping, allowing the Remote to fly out of the gamer’s hand. In one situation, the Wii Remote flew out of the gamer’s hand and rammed into the TV set; cracking the screen almost in two.

The story was posted on a forum. The gamers claimed that when he and his friends brought home the Wii, they played it almost nonstop for 24 hours. Then, when playing a game of bowling on Wii Sports, the gamer’s friend reels back to roll his ball and feels the controller slip from his hands. Instead of the strap preventing the controller from flying, it snaps.

Some gamers responded to the news by saying that Nintendo was probably not taking into consideration such accidents. Others claimed that problems such as these will be the end of the Wii. Others even went on to say that, given such dangers, the Wii is not suitable for children.

When reading this news, my reaction was: “Nintendo can’t make their products idiot-proof.” I want to make something clear: the Wii Remote didn’t break his TV, his friend did. I believe this issue will have no effect upon Nintendo Wii sales in any way. Nintendo can’t be held liable over game actions. It is pretty hard to let the Wii remote slip out of your hands.

Source: The Awful Forums