Apple’s iPod vs Microsoft’s Zune: Which device will win?

For a few years the Apple iPod has dominated the portable electronic market. Who owns a walkman or a CD player anymore? The MP3 player comes in all different forms. There’s iPod mini, iPod shuffle, video iPod, etc. Not only that, the player comes with different amounts of storage. From 5GB all the way to 100GB or so. And, you can get the iPod in all kinds of different colors and buy all sorts of accessories. Back when I worked in retail, they were the biggest sellers during the holidays. Everyone, and I mean everyone, wanted an iPod.

But how long will that last? In a few days, Microsoft will be unleashing Zune, their response to the Apple iPod. Zune will be on retail shelves when the country starts buying its holiday gifts. How many people will chose Zune over iPod?

Quite possibly, there could be a huge shift. A survey conducted by ABI Research claims that almost 58% of iPod users would be willing to consider a switch to the Zune. Is that possible? I don’t know how accurate the survey was. But, if that’s true, there aren’t many people loyal to Apple. I would imagine that if Zune was a better overall product than the Apple iPod, that many of the newcomers to Apple wouldn’t mind the switch. However, what about hardcore Apple fans?

It will be interesting to see, in the coming months, what will become of the iPod. If the Zune is a much better product than the iPod and is able to gain enough speed over the holiday season, then we may be looking at a very big competition between Apple and Microsft. What are your thoughts?

Source: Weblogs, Inc.

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