Sea fish only have another 50 years

Mankind has been fishing for thousands of years. Not only do we fish to survive, but we also fish for sport. What many people don’t know, however, is that our fishing has caused the extinction of many different underwater species. Not only that, but scientists are claiming that we’ve already gone through one-third of sea fisheries. And if we don’t watch it, there will be nothing left in 50 years because of the acceleration of decline.

The international team of researchers writing for Journal Science claims that the fish decline is also tied to a larger loss of marine biodiversity. Apparently, we’re killing the ocean; and at an alarming rate. All of this is due to a few different things. Due to the advancements in technology, we have bigger vessels, more effective nets, and better methods for spotting fish. All of these things make catching fish much easier. Good news for us, bad news for fish.

Another problem is mankind’s mentality. Sometimes, it’s hard for people to believe that we can have such a great effect on our planet. Boris Worm, a researcher from the Dalhousie University in Canada elaborates on the subject. He says that for so long, we have believed that another species will emerge after we’ve gone through the last. However, we haven’t considered exactly what we’re doing. If we don’t stop, there will be nothing left.

But we don’t need to completely stop. We just need to watch what we’re doing. The problem can be solved through a greater number of protected areas. Let’s face it, if there are no fish in the water, there are no fish to catch. We need to stop the acceleration and slow the process down. By creating more protected areas, more fish will be allowed to flourish. And with more fish in the sea and more fish to catch, everyone is happy.

Though it’s not that simple. Creating more protected areas is a huge undertaking; but, if it can be done, the potential for more fish certainly increases.

Source: BBC News

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