Commercialized space flights to occur very soon

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Many people dream about going into space. When you’re a kid, you want to be an astronaut. What kid didn’t want to be an astronaut at some point? We watch movies like ‘Star Wars’ and we think about what it would be like to travel freely between planets and galaxies. How much would you pay to go to the moon? What about Mars?

As you probably already know, commercial space flight is not too far off. Remember back when N’Sync was big and Lance Bass (who’s now gay) said he was going on a commercial space flight to the moon. That never happened and nobody’s been back on the moon in a long time. However, some commercial space flights are being planned.

One such flight is at the Lossiemouth Royal Air Force base in Moray, Scotland where billionaire British entrepreneur Richard Branson will begin charging people to fly 87 miles above the earth’s surface. He’s going to b charging 110,000 pounds (209,600 dollars) for tickets in which the passengers will only feel weightless for about five minutes. Virgin Galactic, the company owned by Branson will be operating the commercial space flights. Virgin Galactic will be operating a total of seven spacecraft.

Virgin Galactic’s main base will be located in New Mexico; however, they will have satellite stations positioned all over the world. The company’s test flights are going to start next year while actual commercial space flights will not begin until three years later.

Source: Physorg

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