Google warns of government privacy breach

Google, the company considered by some to be somewhat shady and unpredictable, is bashing the government on web privacy. Just earlier this week, privacy advocates and bloggers were outraged as AOL accidentally released identifiable data on 20 million keyword searches by users. Many were outraged by what AOL claims was a complete mistake.

Although the AOL incident was a terrible thing, Google is saying that people should be more worried about privacy issues with the government and less worried about accidents from companies like AOL. The search engine company was praised earlier this year by refusing to give the Government records of search data on Google users. Privacy advocates loved Google’s move while others were a little skeptical on why Google was the only search engine that didn’t comply.

Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google told the Search Engine Strategies industry conference that people should be less worried about accidental data release, but more worried about the U.S. government or a non-U.S. government that would try to get into Google’s computer systems. Google, for instance, who is the biggest search engine on the planet, operates one of the world’s biggest databases. Not only are Google’s databases in the U.S., but they have some spread out all over the world. If Google’s going to be worried about anything, they’re going to be worried about someone tapping into their databases.

Whatever the case may be, Google is certainly making the government out to be the ‘bad guy’ in this situation. What Google thinks the government will do is uncertain. However, it’s clear that Google was the only search engine that didn’t comply with the government’s request for data on its users.

Source: ABC News Online

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