New technology reduces blur in photos

If you’ve ever taken photographs, then you understand why many people have so many problems with human error. For instance, the image being blurry. This occurs, of course, when the camera is moved during the time in which the shutter opens and closes. For many people, this is a big problem with their photography.

Adobe has tried to fix the problem with Photoshop. A tool called the “smart sharpen” filter tries to fix blurred photos. Although it’s a step in the right direction, the sharpen filter can only fix photos where the camera has moved in a straight line; which is an odd occurrence. Normally, when an image is blurred, the camera has moved in a very irregular path; making it difficult to fix.

Researchers, however, feel they’ve reached a solution. Using an advanced algorithm to determine the path of movement, researchers at the Institute of technology in Massachusetts and the University of Toronto have come up with a way to reverse the blurring in photographs.

Although the technology isn’t perfect, they were able to “un-blur” a series of photographs that appeared to have no detail. Using the method, they were able to extract detail that no one would have thought to have been present in the photograph.

What the researchers plan to do with this technology is unknown. However, we do know that image processing is a huge business. Hardware and software aimed at reducing camera and human error sells extraordinarily well. It would appear as though everyone would want technology that would make up for their shaky hands.

Source: CNET

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