Google keeping tabs on spyware and viruses

If you own a computer (which you do), then you already know about all the bad things that can happen to it. By bad things I mean viruses and spyware known as malicious programs. It seems that just recently (and by recently I mean within the last four years), the amount of spyware that can download to your computer from browsing the Internet has greatly increased. There are many people that consistently complain about having to reformat their hard drive every six months because they simple cannot get rid of all the spyware and viruses that get downloaded to their system.

With Windows Vista on the way, claiming the be the safest, most secure operating system yet, web services are beginning to become much more aware of the malicious programs out there. That is why Google has created a new add-on to their search engine. The add-on is a warning box that will display itself anytime it believes the page you are about to visit could carry viruses or spyware that could harm your computer.

The add-on is more of a sub-project of a much larger project which involves cataloguing programs that are harmful to users and trying to detect them on websites. The way it would work is simple: when you type in your search query, your search results will come up just as they always do. However, when you go to click on a result to open the page, a warning message might pop-up; warning you of any harmful data contained on the page. Users will then have the option of continuing to the page or going back to their search results.

Source: BBC News

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