Drive-in movies making a subtle comeback

It seems that drive-in theater is making somewhat of a comeback. 20 new drive-in theaters have sprung up across the country during the past year. Now, the national total is a whopping 420. While that isn’t nearly the number it was back in the 1950’s when there were more than 4,000 drive-in theaters throughout the nation, it’s still some sign that people like going to the movies outdoors.

For one thing, people like being in their own vehicle so they don’t have the option of disturbing others. There are other advantages as well. When going to a drive-in movie, customers can bring their own food and drink. They can bring pillows and blankets. Drive-in movies are also cheaper. Instead of paying per person, customers pay per vehicle; making family outings a bargain. And, drive-in movies are normally double features; two movies for the price of one.

Given all those advantages, there are also many setbacks. For one, drive-in movie sound isn’t nearly at the caliber of normal movie theater sound. Also, the bathroom line during intermissions can be staggering. Not only that, the bathrooms are usually old and dirty. From a business standpoint, there are some setbacks as well. Unless the business is in an all-warm climate, the drive-in theater is a completely seasonal business. And, even if the theater is in an all warm climate, it’s entirely weather-dependent.

Nevertheless, many people like the outdoor experience of a drive-in movie. Whether or not more drive-in theaters will open up is still a mystery. However, the 20 that have opened up in the past year have been successful. Hopefully, someone will come along and optimize the drive-in movie experience, making it more of a mainstream business.

Source: RedOrbit

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