Boston going WiFi through nonprofit organization

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There are a lot of major U.S. cities that are trying to get city-wide, low-cost wireless Internet (or, WiFi) completed within a few years. They’re all going about it in different ways as well. Philadelphia for instance, decided to go with a private service provider. They chose EarthLink, Inc. to build, manage, and own its system in their city and act as a wholesaler.

Boston, however, is going about it in a new way. They’ve decided to use a nonprofit organization to build and manage their WiFi system. Most are shocked since all other major U.S. cities plan on using private service providers. Boston, however, feels a private service provider may interfere with their overall goals and only worry about special interests. Boston’s mayor, Mayor Thomas Menino, said he feels the nonprofit route will probably be the best way to get WiFi to every neighborhood while being more innovative than any other city in the nation.

One of the biggest drawbacks of high speed internet is the fact that it can be very expensive. Boston’s plan addresses that very issue. By going about WiFi in the way that they are, they are hoping to cut down the average $40 a month price tag to about $15 a month. For those of you who shop around in Internet providers know that Netzero dial-up service costs $15 a month. Whether or not cities that will be using private service providers can also lower the price is unknown. As of know, no major U.S. cities offer citywide service. Some systems will start operating next year.

Source: Daily News

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