Paper-clip-to-house blogger lands a major movie deal

Back in April we blogged about a certain Kyle MacDonald who planned on trading a paper clip for a house. As of that time, he had only made it from a paper clip to a year’s rent in Phoenix. Now, he’s gone all the way. He’s successfully traded a red paper-clip for house in Kipling, Sask. The Canadian blogger was able to get the house through a series of trades that started off from one small, red paper-clip.

It’s nice to see that he finally succeeded but that’s not the big news here. Not only has MacDonald successfully traded a paper-clip for a house, but he’s also landed a book and movie deal to tell his story. For a while, he’s been in negotiations with Random House and DreamWorks to get his story in writing and on the silver screen. MacDonald says he’s very excited about the whole thing. He said that overall he was approached by 40 book publishers and 50 production companies.

Soon, he will be making guest appearances on talk shows and other television programs to tell his story and promote his book and film. How they will be able to expand this story into a full length movie is beyond some people. MacDonald has three months to fully develop the first draft of his story. Maybe there are dramatic elements we don’t know about or maybe he’s going to try to find a way to sensationalize it. Either way, a fully length movie about the subject may either be a complete waste of time or a perfect way to get the full story.

Source: Edmonton Journal

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