Some very intersting weapons photographs

Obviously, there’s a lot of censorship in the media. There are things we’ll never see because certain people in very high positions see it fit that we never see them. That’s what a new post on is all about. The post is titled, “Things you would not see on CNN.” In the post there are eye-popping photos of military images and other plane-related images that are sure to blow you away. Not only would you not see these images on a local news channel or on a news website, but they’re just good photographs none-the-less. Many of them wouldn’t be the same if taken a millisecond earlier or later.

Among them are two blue jets smashing into one another, a gray jet titled sideways with tiny people staring up at it, another gray jet halfway off a carrier to take flight, some one running as a jet accidentally fires a missile while sitting on a carrier, another gray jet laying on top of a police car, a gun firing on a tanker, a tank firing a missile, a tank turned completely over on its side, a large cargo ship washed up onto a beach, a ship with loads of cargo toppled over, another image of cargo floating in a lake, a large passenger jet plane crashed into the ground, a small airplane tangled up in telephone wires, and another large jet plane floating in the water.

A lot of these images are both fascinating and frightening at the same time. You can view them all here.


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