Ted Stevens to rebuttle internet “tubes” remark

A few weeks ago, U.S. Senate Commerce Committee Chairman Ted Stevens was quoted on “The Daily Show” with Jon Stewart on Comedy Central. Jon Stewart pointed out how Ted Stevens called the internet a series of tubes. From many people’s point of view, Stevens’ remarks didn’t make any sense. A clip from the show popped up on YouTube and millions of people all over the world laughed at Steven’s idea of the internet.

Just this Thursday, however, Ted Stevens says he is going to return to the Jon Stewart show for his rebuttal. Stewart parodied Ted Stevens also because of the fact that he rejected phone calls from internet companies wanting to create a law that would preserve “Net neutrality.” Basically, one of the oldest laws in the internet allows anybody to create a website and for anybody to view that website. However, some people, such as Ted Stevens, want high-speed internet companies to charge higher prices to carry certain content. That would mean that if you want to build a website, you would need to dish out the enormous amounts of money an internet company would charge to allow other people to view your site. There’s even more to it than that.

Ted Steven said in his humorous comment that the internet is not just something you could “dump” something on. He claims that it’s not a big truck; it’s a series of tubes. During three episodes, Stewart parodied Steven’s remarks. He even questioned Stevens’ knowledge of the internet. Stevens’ committee has authority over many internet issues and Stevens has defended his comment ever since.

Source: Yahoo News

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