Possibility of a free game bundled with the Nintendo Wii

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The Nintendo Wii console
Rumor has it the Nintendo Wii may come bundled with a free game. Photo courtesy of Nintendo

It is being rumored that the Nintendo Wii will be bundled with a free game. Game World Network claims they contacted Toys‘R‘Us and Toys‘R‘Us apparently confirmed that the $250 estimated price tag of the Nintendo Wii also includes a free game. As of now, no one knows exactly what the free game will be. However, some are speculating that the free game will be Wii Sports.

Wii Sports is essentially a bunch of mini-games made exclusively for the Nintendo Wii. The games make excellent use of the Wii controller and can be seen being playing in many videos and screenshots on Wii’s website and some next-gen gaming conventions. It would only make sense that Wii Sports would be packaged with the system as probably very few gamers would think the purchase the game separately. Also, Wii Sports would be a perfect way for gamers to become familiar with the Wii controller.

If Nintendo really goes along with this, Wii will have yet another advantage against the other two next-gen systems; the Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360. Along with a very cheap price in comparison to the other systems and the possibility of a free game, my money would certainly go to the Wii before it would go to any other next-gen system. Let’s just hope that all these rumors are true come this September when Nintendo reveals everything there is to know about the Wii launch.

Source: Game World Network

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