New sleep study shows people sleep even less than they think

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We’ve always known that sleep is important. In fact, all I ever hear about is how I need 8 to 10 hours of sleep every night. However, I don’t get nearly that much sleep every night. In fact, I’m usually sleep deprived all the time. That doesn’t make me feel bad because I certainly don’t get sick. In fact, I feel better when I get less sleep. When I get more sleep, I feel too groggy and tired all the time.

There’s a new study that shows how people are getting even less sleep than they think. The study was done with 669 middle-aged adults and was published in the July issue of the American Journal of Epidemiology. The study has some surprising results. Apparently, men sleep less than women. And, although people can spend up to eight hours in bed, on average, they only sleep about six of those hours. Not only that, it was found that whites sleep more than blacks. It was found that, on average, white women sleep at around 6.7 hours per night while white men sleep at 6.1 hours, black women at 5.9 hours, and then black women at 5.1 hours.

The study even showed that higher income makes a difference in sleeping. Apparently, the richer you are, the more you sleep. Diane Lauderdale, Ph.D., associate professor of health studies at the University of Chicago, says that a lot of reasons for the study’s results are pretty simple. Rich people have less on their mind then poor people and they’re able to control their sleeping environment. All of these factors add to sleeping efficiency. However, I’m not sure why blacks sleep less than whites. Although, I’m sure there’s an answer to that too.

What’s interesting is that they have no way to prove exactly what benefits from getting a good amount of sleep every night. All scientists know is that you feel better overall when you get sleep. This worries many people as the study shows that sleeping efficiencies are lower in this study than any other previous study.

Source: University of Chicago Medical Center

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