Samsung says no plans to release combo HD DVD / Blu-ray player

We talked yesterday about blu-ray and HD DVD. I had heard many rumors that blu-ray might actually be the winner of the battle. But who needs a winner if you have a combo player? That’s right, a disc player that can read HD DVD and blu-ray discs. Well, for a while, the internet has been buzzing with rumors that Samsung would be releasing a combo HD DVD and blu-ray player into stores. Obviously, tons of people were excited about the idea. Many people are holding off on buying either format simply because they don’t want to end up with the “loser”.

So, if Samsung released a combo player, it would just eliminate all the worries, right? Well, I’m sorry to inform that Samsung has no such plans whatsoever. HD Beat, a blog about high definition, reported that Samsung is completely dedicated to blu-ray discs. They contacted Samsung directly and here is the statement they received back:

“Samsung Electronics is fully committed to the Blu-ray format and currently only has plans to introduce a Blu-ray player to the market.”

It would be great right now to have a dual format player; however, there are some setbacks to that. I want a decision to be made; I don’t want to linger in this blu-ray vs. HD DVD battle for another couple of years. Consumers need to choose which format they trust and they won’t do that if there are combo players hitting shelves.

Source: HD Beat

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