NASA’s robots could build a civilization on Mars

NASA is releasing a new documentary about their future plans on the planet Mars. Apparently, in colonizing Mars, NASA would first send robots to the planet’s surface. The robots would then be able to cultivate a land in which humans can thrive. For instance, if humans came to Mars, they would obviously need structures in which the live in. The robots that were sent to Mars first would be able to build those structures.

The documentary goes into detail about certain types of robots that would be needed. There would, of course, be strong, bulky robots with the ability to move heavy things and there would also be smaller, fast robots with the ability to scout out locations. All in all, NASA would have to build robots with specific tasks so that the “building” of Mars would have to work just like an old fashioned Henry Ford assembly line. Check out a snippet of the video below.

What comes to my mind when watching this are some of the same things blogged about yesterday. In order to create robots that do the menial tasks on Mars that humans simply cannot do due to lack of breathable air and other conditions, they would need to give the robots the ability to think for themselves.

Then again, maybe not. There is a possibility that the robots they send up to Mars need to be controlled by human beings down on earth. However, I find that very unlikely. I don’t know much about it, but I can’t imagine some type of wireless, electronic signal that would be needed to control something on Mars would be able to reach Mars from Earth. And, given that, I’m sure that there would hundreds if not thousands of robots on Mars working tirelessly day in and day out. That would mean you would need thousands upon thousands of people on Earth spending long hours controlling the robots.

No, I’m sure that’s not how it would be. These robots would probably be able to work on their own. That way, they would only have to build one software per robot skill. Meaning, for thousands of worker robots, they would only need to build one worker-bot brain and simply duplicate it thousands of times rather than having thousands of earthlings do the thinking for them.

So, if we can all agree that these robots would be able to think for themselves and work by themselves, then we can all assume that it could be very dangerous; especially with no humans on the planet at all. This may sound a bit like a science-fiction novel; however, what’s to say that these robots will simply hand over to humans a civilization they’ve spent years to build? This may be a really dumb argument. A computer can only do what you tell it to. I don’t know what kind of A.I. these robots would have, if any. However, it’s definitely something cool to think about. If humans built a civilization on Mars with artificial intelligence and then the artificial intelligence claimed it as its own. Can you imagine going to war with Mars fighting robots that we’ve created?

Source: FreahCreation, YouTube

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