Steven Spielberg to direct heavy sci-fi film

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Steven Spielberg, the most successful director of our time, has been enjoying a year off after releasing three films back to back (The Terminal, War of the Worlds, and then Munich). After wrapping up Munich, the director decided to take a break. Of course, as his break reaches its half-point, Spielberg is beginning to plan out his future projects. Within the past few days, he decided to take on a heavy science-fiction film based on Caltech physicist Kip Thorne’s theories of gravity fields. As of now, the film is untitled and there is no script; simply a treatment written by Thorne. Lynda Obst, producer and science enthusiast, helped Thorne write the treatment and sought out Spielberg’s involvement.

The film will be based on real science and will explore theories of black holes and gravity waves. It will even touch on some of the ideas of Albert Einstein that even he could not prove. It seems somewhat odd that Spielberg would just jump on to the project as director without there even being a script ready, however, Thorne is one of the world’s leading experts on relativity, so, the treatment must have had some pretty interesting, solid theories in it to be able to attract Spielberg so quickly. Who will be writing the script is yet to be known.

Also, it is unclear if this will be Spielberg’s next project. There are two other candidates in the works as well; the much anticipated Indiana Jones 4 where Spielberg will re-team with George Lucas and Harrison Ford, and the untitled Abraham Lincoln biopic with Liam Neeson attached to the role of Lincoln. Whether the other two films will be placed on hold for this next project is unclear. As of now, however, Spielberg has three very enticing projects in the works. Now, we just have to wait patiently to see which one he will choose as his next directorial endeavor.

Source: CNET, Joblo

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