Women react faster to erotic images

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When someone is aware of their surroundings, it means that their brain will react to things happening around them. Researchers conduct many studies by showing images to individuals and then measuring brain activity. Just recently, researchers at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis conducted such experiments. They found that women react stronger to erotic images than men. Not only that, women react stronger to erotic images than any other images.

Although the finding isn’t all that surprising, the researchers did not expect responses to erotic images to elicit so strongly and so quickly. They believe that the erotic images could involve different processing circuits than other images. When shown very pleasant, shocking, or disturbing images, the women didn’t respond nearly as fast.

The test conducted involved 264 women. These women were shown 55 random images that included water skiers, snarling dogs, and then half naked couples in sensual poses. The researchers used electrodes on the subjects’ scalps to measure all the brain activity going on inside. The researchers claim that the brain activity was firing long before the women even realized what they were seeing. The erotic images were firing neurons within 160 milliseconds which is 20 percent faster than any of the other images shown.

Unfortunately, the method used to measure the experiment could only measure time differences. Researchers were not able to map out the specific sections of the brain where all the activity was taking place; future studies will be able to do so.

Source: Imaginova Corp.

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