Full-length Italian film shot on a Nokia cell phone

With inexpensive digital cameras and websites like YouTube, amateur filmmakers are sprouting up all over the globe. Even some professionals look to amateurs to retrieve footage of large events like football games where hundreds of people bring cameras. Now, two Italian filmmakers have shot an entire feature-length movie on their cell phones. That’s right, a standard cell phone; a Nokia N90 to be exact. The movie is a 93-minute documentary about love and sex called: “New Love Meetings”. It is the first feature film to be shot entirely with a cell phone.

The Italian directors feel that their film underscores the widespread use of amateur video makers across the globe. Although the cell phone presented many limits in shooting, such as lighting and the lack of a high-quality microphone, the filmmakers believe the cell phone use made their interviews all the more intimate. They believe that many of their subjects revealed a lot more about their sex and love lives than they normally would have if they had a gigantic camera sat in front of their face. The cell phone is a common tool that common people use, so, the interviews became more like one-one chats rather than formal questioning.

Because of the cell phone use, however, almost all of the movie consists of shaky close-up shots. The directors say that the film could be shown on big screens but not in high-definition. They claim the project only cost them a few thousand dollars. That included their traveling expenses and the production of DVDs. For instances when the directors needed enhanced lighting, they simply used a flashlight. There were 700 people across Italy that were interviewed. Around 100 of those people made it into the actual film. Producers are currently looking for a way to distribute the film.

Source: CNN

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