Lose weight by switching bacteria

There are so many different options out there for weight and it seems like there are new “causes” or “cures” for weight loss all the time. Well, now, a group of scientists at Washington University have yet another possibility that could explain the weight loss phenomenon. They’re saying that it could be due to bacteria. As we all know, bacteria live throughout the body; in your intestines and even on your skin. Well, there’s some bacteria in our intestines that work better than others at helping their hosts turn food into energy. The new study was done by researchers Buck S. Samuel and Dr. Jeffrey I. Gordon.

Basically, they believe that if you were to “change out” some bacteria in your intestine with other bacteria, it could influence how much you weigh. Bacteria and another kind of single-celled organism called, archaea, can be commonly found in the human intestine. Researchers have just recently discovered that these two organisms working together (the bacteria and the archaea), help their human hosts extract calories and nutrients from food.

Buck S. Samuel decided to test the theory out with mice. They found that the group of mice injected with the new bacteria could process food much better than the mice that were given no injection. Now, although this experiment was only done on mice, Samuel and Gordon both believe that they could be able to effectively control human nutrition by manipulating the bacteria in the intestines.

Source: Imaginova Corp.

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