New Planets Found: Possibly Habitable

This is huge news. There’s a star, called HD 69830. It’s only slightly less massive as the size of our own sun. Just like our solar system, HD 69830, has a multiple planet system. What is so incredible, however, is that there are three planets in particular that are roughly the same size as Neptune.

The system, called, “Puppis”, is nearly 41 light years away. It was found using the ultra-precise HARPS spectrograph on the European Southern Observatory’s 3.6-meter La Silla telescope in Chile. However, what excites scientists the most is that the planets are located close enough and far enough from their star to give the planets moderate temperatures where an atmosphere similar to earth could form; complete with liquid water.

Although the planets have not even been photographed yet, they were discovered using the Doppler or, “wobble” technique. This technique is the way the other 180 planets have been discovered. And, although we still know very little about these mysterious new planets, our imaginations, of course, run wild. Can life exist there? Is there life there already? Can we live there?

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