Bomb Sniffing Flowers

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Danish, Canadian and U.S scientists have been genetically engineering a certain type of flowers to detect mine that are buried beneath. In countries like Yugoslavia, Bosnia/Herzegovina, Croatia, and Angola land mines are a huge and growing problem. One of the main reasons for this is that mines are extremely cheap and easy to make. There are literally millions of active landmines in any one of those countries, and according to the Hindu Times says that nearly every family in Croatia has a relative who was either killed or lost a limb because of a land mine.

Scientists have been working with the flower Arabidopsis thaliana known as the lab rat of the plant world. The flower is ideal because it sprouts and flowers very quickly. The flower will warn soldiers and civilians by turning red if there is a mine in the ground. Scientists at Duke and the University of Alberta have been doing the same study and have been able to get the roots to turn color in presence of the mines. The way this will work is that the flower will be genetically engineered to be sensitive to nitrogen-dioxide (NO2) which is emitted by the mine, thus causing the flower to turn a red tint.

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