Fuel Cell Vehicles a While Ahead

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For a little while now, people have been talking about automobiles that will run on fuel cell technology. They’re calling it the “ultimate eco-friendly car”. We were all hoping this technology would be well on its way as gas prices have been climbing exponentially for a couple of years now. However, the technology hit a road bump and is going to be delayed for around another twenty years.

What’s delaying the fuel-cell cars is primarily cost. It’s very costly to develop the technology. Also, it was found out, that building the infrastructures of the cars (the networks of filling stations that would provide hydrogen needed for the fuel cell), would take a long time to develop. It’ll be at least twenty years before carmakers are able to make fuel cell technology widely used.

Because of this sudden halt, carmakers are focusing more of their attention on Hybrid cars, which, of course, utilize both gasoline and electricity. Now, people are predicting that in the next 20 years, hybrid cars will become increasingly popular (maybe even to the point where they will be the standard) until fuel cell technology is able to fully develop.

Source: Jinbn

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