Gone in 20 Minutes

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Many cars are starting to have completely key-less entry and ignition. It can be a lot easier on people; especially those who tend to lock their keys in the car. Recently, however, word has gotten out on how thieves can use the technology to their advantange. According to thieves, at most, it would take 20 minutes to break into the car using a common laptop that can hack into the security system. All the theif has to do is follow the car into an area that’s quiet and its owner will be gone for a while; then, they can get to work. Most cars with key-less entry and ignition are expensive, high-end automobiles, so the threat is high. Recently, it is believed that this has happened to Mr. Beckham (famous Soccer player), who had his BMW X5 stolen. The main problem is that the security system on these key-less cars is a software. And, just with any software, there’s holes. Either way there will always be problems with car safety and theft.

Source: Left Lane News

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