Pictures of U.S. Army Robots

Earlier, we covered the story of a new unmanned millitary terrain vehicle called “Crusher”:

…a 6.5-ton, six-wheeled robotic vehicle designed to negotiate harsh terrain. Funded by the Army and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, “Crusher” is one of many robotic products being developed nationwide to cut the risk of casualties. It’s designed to help keep military personnel out of harm’s way.

You can read our coverage of “Crusher” here.

Now, we’ve got an update on the story: pictures of “Crusher” have finally been unveiled.

Click here to view a picture of “Crusher”
Click here to veiw another.

Click here to view a picture of the robot “Stryker”

Click here to view a picture of the “PackBot”, a robot that can climb stairs and carry a camera on its arm. The robot is already being used in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Click here to veiw a picture of the “Dragon Runner”, a four wheeled mobile ground sensor system that’s attached to a vehicle that resembles a remote control car. The “car” can hit about 20 mph and can be activated in three seconds.

Click here to view a picture of the “Gladiator”, an unmanned vehicle with surveillance capabilities.