Assault Weapon Gets Past X-Ray Machines

A new assault weapon has been designed that can essentially pass through a metal detector without anyone knowing. Under the X-Ray, the gun only shows up as a harmless metal rod; many thinking it only to be a curling iron. A Sheriff in Essex County found the gun in the car of a drug dealer, and noticed that it was a notch up from what they would usually carry. The Sheriff had the gun taken to a local airport for an x-ray test where only the 30 round clip was detected.

The pistol is made primarily of plastic. Yet, the weapon’s .223-caliber ammunition travels at a speed of 2,500 feet per second, fast enough to penetrate a bullet-proof vest. What’s terrifying is how easily this weapon can sneak past security. There’s no telling who would try to bring this thing into federal buildings, banks, airports, etc. Luckily, however, authorities now have their hand on the weapon, so, they will be able to strategize a way to fight against it.

Source: Promoinnovations