Robots Less and Less Sci-Fi Everyday

Here at Tech, we’ve talked a lot about robots and replacement robotic limbs. And, it seems everyday, robots seem less and less science fiction as they’re making their way more and more into our everyday lives. Just recently, has had a special coverage on robots; some being tools and some being toys.

Here are a few things being covered:

Walking Robot:
In Tokyo, Japan (specifically Waseda University), a two legged walking robot was developed. It’s called the “WL-16 II”. It’s basically two legs strapped to a chair; that’s it. It’s designed for people in wheelchairs (most likely, the elderly). The “legs” can go up stairs or any uneven land.

Robot Giraffe: At the Maker Faire at San Mateo, California, builder Lindsay Lawlor built a life-size robot Giraffe that was able to stroll around the faire. The Giraffe was a huge hit.

Roomba Frogger:
Obviously, you remember “Frogger”, the game where you control a frog down a street in hopes of never getting hit by a car. Well, someone had the idea to take a Roomba (those small, circular robot vacuum cleaners) and transform it into a “Frogger” which they could control down busy streets; emulating the game.

Source: CNET

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