Evolution: Will We One Day Be X-Men?

This isn’t really news. In fact, it’s far from news as it has been going on for thousands of years now. Of course we’re talking about evolution. Now, we all know what evolution is and we all know what evolution does. But, has anyone began thinking past the “monkies to humans” story. Has anyone started to think about where our race will be in the next 1,000 years or 10,000 years? Sure, we all like to dream about it. “X3: The Last Stand” is hitting theaters in May and we love to think that one day we can shoot metal out of our fists or change into wild blue beasts. But, is that too far off?

Well, it is far off. Don’t expect to put on Wolverine’s costume anytime soon. However, there are some wild possibilities that may become a reality. Such as, having superhuman strength or having telekinetic powers. A new article from Newsfactor.com is touching on just that. It’s a long article, but, definately worth the read if you’re interested in evolution.

Source: Yahoo! News

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